Sample Letter To Your Supervisor

You want to join our “Good Leaders Do This” Course, let’s help you sell it to your boss!

Email template:


I am sending this email to request the opportunity to get additional training that will benefit my employer and myself.  The course I would like to attend is delivered virtually and would add value to my contributions to our organization.

The cost for each of the three modules is $1,500.  Find a summary of the course content below.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
The Good Leaders Do This™ flagship junior leader development course is based on decades of research, industry best practices, and real-life experiences across a wide range of sectors. The Good Leaders Do This™ Leader Development Course delivers those insights and the knowledge and skills needed for real leaders to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Good Leaders Do This™ breaks down leader effectiveness into three modules:

  • Lead Yourself

  • Lead Others

  • Drive Results

Each one of these categories delivers the latest of what we know about what makes leaders successful, drawing upon the best of psychology, leadership and communication studies, human resource management, project management, and strategy.

Lead Yourself. Although leadership is a social process involving other people, good leaders start by taking a hard look at themselves. How do they handle stress? What are their core values? How do they interpret what’s happening around them? Competencies in this area include adaptability and coping, creativity and openness, and critical thinking and interpretation.

Lead Others. After looking inward, participants turn their attention outward and explore the knowledge and skills necessary to influence others. Competencies in this area include communication and relationships, leadership fundamentals, teamwork, and supporting others.

Drive Results. Having a good sense of yourself and being able to influence other people is great, but it must be organized. What good is there in having great ideas and getting everyone motivated if there’s no direction? If no one ever drives projects to being done? It is in this space where driving results comes in, and it is one way in which our leader development course differs significantly from others. Competencies in this area include organization and focus as well as results orientation and acumen.

This course is delivered in an online format, with daily activities that can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes.  The online content is coupled live instructor-led bi-weekly cohort activities and bi-weekly open office hours with instructors.  Office hours are a place where learners can interact with coaches and instructors individually and receive personal attention to their questions and challenges.  Each module is 8 weeks long to provide a total of 24 weeks of training to impact junior staff’s work lives.