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Here’s the episode:

Dealing with bad news is a fundamental part of being a leader or a manager. Focusing on how to deal with bad news within the organization, we discuss the research on delivering bad news and distill some actionable insights. Specifically, we explore:

  • How sharing bad news is hard and painful, but it’s necessary 

  • Why and how fairness matters with regard to sharing bad news

  • Implications for people, leaders, and organizations

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Links and Other Information

Bies, R. J. (2013). The delivery of bad news in organizations: A framework for analysis. Journal of Management39(1), 136-162. Click here 

Lavelle, J. J., Folger, R., & Manegold, J. G. (2016). Delivering bad news: How procedural unfairness affects messengers’ distancing and refusals. Journal of Business Ethics136(1), 43-55. Click here  

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