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Here’s the episode:

COVID-19 is kind of like getting hit by a bus.  This time is stressful, chaotic, and anxiety-provoking. How you respond is based on a number of factors.  In this episode we dive deep into sensemaking and leadership in light of current events. What is sensemaking? It is the action or process of making sense of or giving meaning to something, especially new developments and experiences.  

  • The collapse of sensemaking / a way in which organizations are fragile

  • How to lead the charge and how individuals and organizations can support

  • Emerging new tasks and roles for management due to COVID-19

Shout out to Cliff Scott who contributed greatly to our research and prep for this episode.

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Links and Other Information

If you haven’t already, establish structure for incident command regarding COVID-19 Communication flow and reporting should be clear

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Apollo 13: A square peg in a round hole–J4_VQ

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