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Here’s the episode:

Today, we have guest, Todd Dewett (@DrDewett), on the show. 

Todd grew up in Memphis. He started a career as a consultant, but got an academic itch and earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior at Texas A&M. He became a professor, quickly rose the ranks through tenure and promotion all the way to full professor, won all the teaching and research awards, and after 10 highly successful years in academia… he left. Fast forward to today, Todd is a professional speaker. He’s given more than 1,000 speeches, including TEDx, endless corporate events and conferences, military groups, religious organizations, and many nonprofits; he’s talked live in numerous countries to over 100,000 people, Inc. Magazine named him a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, and he was hired by the National Speakers Association to teach professional speakers how to deliver killer keynote speeches. Todd is the author of numerous articles and books, including Show Your Ink: Stories About Leadership and Life.  And, he’s about to release a new book, Live Hard.

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Todd Dewett:

Show Your Ink:

Excerpt from Todd’s forthcoming book, Live Hard: make-great-barbeque-an-excerpt-from-dr-dewetts-forthcoming-book-live-hard/

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