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Here’s the episode:

Sometimes getting things done just involves you working hard. But other times, you have to coordinate work among people or get work done through other people. In those cases, you just can’t escape the importance of power and influence. Think about it this way: If you ask a person to do something, why would he or she say yes and comply? It has to do with the power you hold and the influence you wield. This holds true regardless of whether you’re working with your boss, your direct reports, your coworkers, or even with friends or members of your family. So if you want to be influential, tune in to this conversation. We discuss:

  • What is power and what are the primary sources of power 

  • What is influence and what are the primary different influence tactics

  • Implications for people, leaders, and organizations

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Links and Other Information

Elias, S. (2008). Fifty years of influence in the workplace: The evolution of the French and Raven power taxonomy. Journal of Management HistoryClick here

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